How Are Disability Accommodations Determined?

Follow up:
  • The Disability Services Coordinator(DSC) will schedule an appointment to:
    1. review your information.
    2. discuss your needs.
    3. discuss the accommodations recommended.

How Are Accommodations Implemented?

  • The DSC will hold preliminary discussions with the Dean or Head of Department Head (HOD) to draft an accommodations plan based on the articulated needs of the student.
  • Recommendations from the Student Health Clinic(SHC) or third parties will be used to refine the plan. The DSC and Dean/HOD will recruit pertinent stakeholders as deemed necessary to help develop the accommodation plan.
  • The offer-holder/student will be included in the planning process. The initial accommodation plan is to be completed within ten (10) working days of the initial meeting between the DSC and the Faculty.
  • The DSC will submit a written accommodation plan to the Dean/HOD who is expected to share it with the relevant instructors within the Faculty/Department.
  • The DSC will follow up with the student and the Dean or HOD at least every other week to monitor the progress of the plan implementation. If revisions are needed the DSC along with the stakeholders will reconvene to address the modifications.

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