Charities across Barbados need help with youth mentoring, environmental projects, social media and lots more!
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Welcome to the Office of Student Services Volunteer Programme which makes getting started with volunteer work on campus or in the community very easy. Regardless of your major or interests, we will help you find an organization or department on campus for a mutually rewarding experience. It is important to note however, that volunteering does not always have to be specific to your field of study. While this may be preferred, volunteering overall is important, no matter the cause.

What is Volunteer Service?

Volunteer service is unpaid service rendered by an individual or group to assist an organization, department or an individual. Volunteer service not only benefits the recipient but the volunteer as well. See below, some of the major benefits of volunteering.

Stand out in this competitive job market and boost your employability

Volunteering is a great way to develop new skills many employers consider critical in today's competitive job market, such as communication, leadership, teamwork and time management. Furthermore, the ability to transfer acquired skills to the workplace immediately demonstrate adaptability and creativity
Volunteering is also an effective way to gain relevant experience. For example; if you need additional experience for a particular job or promotion, there are many options. .

  • Project management -- organizing events or fundraising efforts

  • Sales skills -- contacting people for donations or recruiting volunteers.

  • Managing a team -- many projects require a group effort, and a leader to coordinate

In addition to your academic successes, employers are keen to know about your extra-curricular activities. Always mention your volunteer service in your cover letter and CV when applying for a job, highlighting the skills and experience that you have gained.  Why wait? Get started today!

Benefits of Volunteering

By volunteering you can...

  • Enhance your university experience
  • Network (you will make both personal and professional contacts)
  • Have fun - many students recount all the fun they have whilst volunteering.
  • Explore Barbados.
  • Improve the community
  • Make positive difference in the lives of others

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Examples of Volunteer Activities

Whether or not you have lots of free time, the Office of Student Services has a wide variety of volunteer activities. For example, you can look for volunteering related to:

  • Activity Support (art/craft etc)
  • Animal carer
  • Class room helper
  • Committee member – Secretary, Treasurer etc.
  • Computer Support
  • Food preparation (food handler's certificate required)
  • Fundraiser
  • Mentoring youth at a nonprofit organization or through the Creative Minds segment of the Vision & Fortitude programme.
  • Office Work
  • Research
  • Organizing philanthropy events hosted by UWI departments or student organizations.
  • Beach clean-up
  • Engage in fundraising for a nonprofit organization or club.
This is just a summary of some types of voluntary tasks students can be involved with.  Please explore your options with volunteer coordinator before contacting any of the listed nonprofit organizations or departments on campus.

Please see our current list of volunteer opportunities.

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