Give Back Programme
In 2018, the Barbados Government reintroduced the payment of tuition fees for Barbadian students.  In return, it mandated that all Barbadian students ‘give back’ in the form of volunteer hours at various approved participating entities across the island.
Students have the opportunity to OPT OUT of this programme by contacting the Ministry of Education, Technological and Vocational Training and arranging for the payment of their fees.  This should be done before the start of the semester.
Students are required to complete volunteer hours for each academic year as follows:
  • Full-time - 150 hours
  • Part-time - 100 hours
The academic year begins on the 1st August and finishes on the 31st July of the following year.
For more information, visit: Give Back Barbados
Enrollment in the Programme:
To participate in this programme students must follow the steps below.
1. Create an account on the Ministry’s App.
  • Go to
  • Click on Create an account
  • Complete the sign up page
  • Accept terms of service and Privacy Policy to OPT IN
  • Click submit
  • CHECK YOUR EMAIL FOR ACTIVATION (your account is only created after activation)
2. Check for volunteer opportunities
  • Peruse the Give Back website for entities offering opportunities
  • Choose the entity/entities you want to participate with
  • Contact the Entity to arrange your volunteering schedule
  • Create a file and keep a record of all entities contacted and responses received
3. Log your completed volunteer hours
  • Go to
  • Log In
  • Enter the date and the number of volunteered hours (please note minutes must be entered for the time to be recorded correctly; you can enter 00 in the minutes’ section)
  • From the drop-down menu, select the entity you volunteered with (note although you are a University of the West Indies student you are only to select this as an entity if you volunteered with or through us).
Students enrolled in the below Majors are exempted from participating in the Give Back Programme due to the built-in hours requirement of the programmes.
Medicine (MBBS) students
Pharmacy students
Social Work students
Nursing students
Students of Occupational Therapy
Students of the Medical Laboratory Technician programme.
Scholarship winners and Exhibition winners are also exempted.
Volunteer Opportunities at the UWI Cave Hill Campus:
The Cave Hill Campus is an approved entity with the Give Back Programme. The Office of Student Services will publish available opportunities on our various social media platforms from time to time.  You are advised to check your Cave Hill email and the Campus App regularly.
At the end of the volunteer period, you will be required to have the respective department verify the hours you served with them by completing a Service Hours Verification form.  This form can be located here Service Hours Volunteer Form.
Volunteer hours can also be gained by APPROVED participation in our Vision and Fortitude program; Peer Mentorship program; FYE program and Clubs and Societies programs.
Helpful Links:  
Regional and International Students:
To all of our Regional and International students and those who are not participating in the Give Back Programme, we would like to encourage you to be a part of our Vision and Fortitude program.  This program offers a wide range of volunteering prospects and give you a prime opportunity to be socially responsible.
List of approved Participating Entities with the Give Back Programme.
A & Amp; U Designs
Action for Justice & Amp; Living Hope Ministries
Agriculture (IICA)
Alexandra School
All Saints' Primary School
Alleyne School
Alliance Fran├žaise de Bridgetown
Ann Hill School
Aquarius Watersports
Archives Department
Arthur Smith Primary School
ASPIRE Foundation (Barbados) Inc.
At- Risk Youth Foundation
Autism Association of Barbados
Baird’s Village Aquaponic Association
Barbados Accreditation Council
Barbados Agricultural Development Corporation
Barbados Association of  Endometriosis & Amp; P.C.O.S
Barbados Association of Muslim Ladies
Barbados Boys Scout Association
Barbados Community College
Barbados Defence Force
Barbados Entrepreneurship Foundation Inc.
Barbados Family Planning Association
Barbados Kidney Association
Barbados Meteorological Services
Barbados Museum
Barbados National Trust
Barbados Red Cross Society
Barbados Revenue Authority
Barbados Soccer Academy
Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc.
Barbados Young Men’s Christian Association
Barbados Youth Action Programme
Barbados Youth Business Trust
Barbados Youth Development Council
Because of Jenna Trust
Best-dos Santos Public Health Laboratory
Better Birthing in Bim (BBBim)
Bio Cultural Education and Research Programme
Books for Babies Barbados
Bright Life Family Centre
Bureau of Gender Affairs
Bush Hall Institute of Action and Research
Business & Amp; Professional Women’s Club
Calvary Moravian Feeding Programme
Caribbean Dyslexia Association & Amp; Centre
Caribbean Mentorship Institute
Caribbean Science Foundation (CSF)
Caribbean Youth Environment Network
Cave Shepherd and Co. Ltd
Central Purchasing Department
Centre for Counselling Addiction Support
Centre for Hybrid Studies (CHyS)
Child Care Board
Christ Church Foundation School
Chrisy's Care
Covid 19 Protocols Monitoring Unit
Culture and Arts for Love and Living
Cystic Fibrosis Foundation of Barbados
DaeDream Entertainment
Dance 4 Life Barbados
Department of Emergency Management
Derrick Smith School and Vocational Centre
DIABETES Association of Barbados
Digital Ambassadors
Diocese of Barbados
Division of Culture, Prime Minister's Office
Drug Education and Counselling
Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Barbados
East Caribbean Conference (Adventist)
Eastern Orators Toastmasters Club
ECKO Nation
ECO Skywater
Education Technical Management Unit (ETMU)
Ellerton Wesleyan Holiness Church
Erdiston Training College
Eventfully Yours by Semone
G4S Secure Solutions (Barbados) Limited
Girl Guides Association of Barbados
Grazettes Primary School
Harrison’s Point Medical Isolation Facility
Headstart Music Barbados
Healthy Caribbean Coalition
Heart and Stroke Foundation of Barbados Inc
I Am A Girl (Barbados)
IncludeU Sports Academy
International Women’s Forum (Barbados) Inc.
Irving Wilson School
Island of Adventure Summer Camp
Jabez House
Junior Chamber International Barbados
Katrina Endometriosis Fund Association
Kiwanis Club of Bridgetown
Kiwanis Club Pride of Barbados
Legaci Global
Leo Club Barbados East
Living Hope Ministries
Living Water Community
Lumisol Technology Consultancy Inc
Maria Holder Nursery  Oldbury
Maria Holder Nursery School
Media Resource Department (MOE)
Methodist Church of Barbados - Hawthorn
Milton Lynch Primary School
MIN of Education (ITQA)
Min of Education (PRIR)
Ministry of Education, Technological
Ministry of Youth & Amp; Community Empowerment
Mount Zion’s Missions Barbados Foursquare, Ch. Ch.
My Child and I
Myeloma, Lymphoma and Leukaemia Foundation
National Assistance Board
National Conservation Commission
National Coordinator’s Office for UNCTAD 15
National Cultural Foundation
Occasio Planning Services
Ocean Acres Animal Sanctuary
Operation Triple Threat
Paredos Barbados
Parkinson Memorial School
Praise Academy of Dance
Prison Fellowship Barbados
Private Caribbean Study Goals
Project Discovery Inc.
Read for Life
Rotaract Club of South Barbados
Simplified Apps
Slow Food Barbados
Small Business Association
SMJ Procurement & Amp; Marketing Inc
Soroptimist International of Jamestown
Special Olympics Barbados
St. Ambrose Primary School
St. Bernard’s Primary School
St. Catherine's Primary School
St. George Parish Independence Committee
St. Giles’ Primary School
St. Luke-Brighton Primary
St. Martin’s Mangrove Primary
Student Support Services (METVT)
Summer Vacation Bible School (VBS)
Supreme Counselling for Personal Development
TEN Habitat
The (Barbados) Trust Fund Limited
The Albert Cecil Graham Development Centre
The Ark Animal Welfare Society
The Barbados National Trust
The Breastfeeding and Child Nutrition Foundation
The Deaf Heart Project
The H.U.R.T. Initiative
The Job Connect
The Literacy Project
The Lodge School
The People’s Cathedral Primary School
The Rotaract Club of Barbados West
The Salvation Army
The Sojourner Foundation
The University of the West Indies
The Wesleyan Holiness Church
TVET Council
Unborn Justice
Union Collaborative – Israel Mapp
United Youth Leaders of Barbados
Variety Children’s Charity
Vision 2020 - Project Implementation Unit
Welches Primary School
Wesley Hall Infant School
Wilkie Cumberbatch Primary School
Youth Equipped to Achieve! Inc.
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