The Office of Student Services and Development provides programmes which are structured to facilitate your participation in highly interactive and engaging sessions which allow you to explore interests relating to your well-being and academic success.

Co-Curricular Credits

Are you in Level 2 or Level 3 of your programme? Then you’re eligible for co-curricular credits!

Co-curricular courses are designed to foster a range of skills and consist of leadership, sporting and creative activities that promote personal and professional development. At the same time you can explore your social interests and earn credits while having fun.

First Year Experience

FYE, strictly for first year students, is designed to enhance your university experience and facilitate your personal, academic, career and social success. Participation can help to ensure a seamless transition into university life.


RAPS (Reasoned Action for Problem Solving) & PACE (Personal Academic Career Enrichment) are a series of workshops. RAPS specialises in strengthening your ability to make effective conclusions through asssessing facts. PACE seeks to provide you with the tools for success here at the UWI and beyond.

Students Helping Students

Students are trained to be resource persons for fellow students who may be experiencing a problem or crisis. 
Leardership Training

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