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Student Financing

Living Expenses

Following is a break-down of the costs of accommodation and average living expenses for a student staying at the Cave Hill Campus of The University of the West Indies.

Accommodation on Hall is calculated based on the semester dates.  The current Semester dates are as follows:

Semester I - August 28 – December 22, 2022
Semester II - January 15 – May 12, 2023
Residents wishing to remain on Halls outside of the semester must notify the Halls Administrator in advance via email. The relevant charges are as follows:

  • Single room - $40.00 per night
  • Double room - $30.00 per person per night
  • Postgraduate - $50.00 per night
  • Keith Hunte Hall - $60.00 per night

All fees are payable to The University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus.
However, students wishing to stay for Summer School will have to submit an application and the charges will be distributed once the dates are confirmed for summer school.

Accommodation Costs

On-Campus Accommodation
Frank Worrell Hall
  Single Double Post-Graduate
Semester 1 $3,025 n/a n/a
Semester 2 $3,075 n/a n/a
Philip Sherlock Hall
Semester 1 $3,025 $1, 815 per person $4,235 per person
Semester 2 $3,075 $1, 845 per person $4,305 per person
Keith Hunte Hall
Semester 1 $5,445 n/a $5,445
Semester 2 $5,535 n/a $5,535

Off-Campus Accommodation
Studio $850.00 per person
One bedroom $900.00 per person
Two bedroom $700.00 - $900.00 per student
Three bedroom $800.00 per student

Other Expenses

Advance Deposit $300.00 (deducted from semester fees)
Security Deposit $200.00 (to be paid with Advance Deposit)
*Meals $45.00 - $50.00 per day
*Books and Incidental Expenses $3,000 per academic year

*Note that these figures are estimates based on current market prices and are therefore subject to change.

Note: All costs are quoted in BDS$, $USD 1.00 = $BDS 2.00.

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