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Student Entrepreneurial Empowerment Development

SEED Presentation

About Us

SEED logoStudent Entrepreneurial Empowerment Development (SEED) was designed to develop self-reliance, innovation and entrepreneurship among students at the Cave Hill campus. The ultimate goal is to expand employment choices so that graduates would not rely entirely on the availability of jobs in the public and private sectors, but consider launching and operating their own businesses thereby ensuring employment for self and others.
SEED is an exciting, motivational entrepreneurship development programme which provides a safe and educational environment in which students can explore their entrepreneurial ideas.  It is technically a pre-incubator. At the end of each programme cycle (an academic year including summer) it is expected that students will understand: the basic characteristics of successful entrepreneurs, the risks and rewards of entrepreneurship and small business ownership, the importance of networking, the need to conduct careful business research and to develop business and market plans. In addition, students will be aware of the organisations that support small business, the relevant legislation including incentives applicable to small business and the requirements of agencies responsible for supporting and financing small businesses. Students would also have established a strong network comprising representatives of these agencies and organisations.

SEED is housed in the Department of Management Studies headed and chaired by Dion Greenidge, PhD.  Ayanna Young Marshall is SEED Coordinator.

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