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Professor Margaret Anne St John

Professor Margaret Anne St John

Hon. Professor, Dept of Child Health

Clinical Sciences


After completing a pediatric residency at the KingsCounty Downstate Medical Centres in New York, I completed an Ambulatory Fellowship , a senior residency year at the Hospital for Sick Children Toronto, Canada, and Fellowship in Pediatric Infectious Diseases (1980). I was a Consultant in Pediatrics and Associate Lecturer (UWI Cave Hill Campus) from 1980, promoted to an Hon Professor.



Research Areas

Clinical general paediatrics- Paediatric infectious diseases: Clinical care and treatment, surveillance and outcomes - HIV/ AIDS; Advocacy related to Prevention of childhood overweight and obesity for the past decade in Barbados and the diaspora; Intervention of the National School Nutrition Policy in Barbados.

The International Global Incubator Project: for the prevention of childhood obesity in Barbados.

Teaching Areas

MB. BS Students in 3rd and final year; DM paediatrics


  • St John M.A.  Impact of a national prevention of mother-to-child transmission programme in Barbados: The first decade. W.I Med. J (Suppl 2): 54, 2006.
  • St John MA, Babb D.  Surveillance of HIV infected mothers and infants in a PMTCT programme. 63rd CARPHA Meeting  West Indian Med J 2018; 67 (Suppl. 2): 44.
  • M A St John, k Rudder.  Prevention of childhood obesity: Options for nutrition in a cohort of schools in Barbados. West Indian Med J 2019. 68 (Suppl. 1): 74.
  • T Jordan, N Parris, S Giddings, M St John.  Barbadian Adolescents Living with HIV Adherence (BALHIVA) Study: An evaluation of adherence to antiretroviral therapy and factors affecting adherence.  West Indian Med J 2019; 68 (Suppl. 1): 73.
  • Rudder K, St John M Anne, Crichlow S.  The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on nutrition and health practices in a cohort of obese Barbadian children.  West Indian Med J 2021; 69 (Suppl. 2): 31.

Additional Info

Work mainly related to the prevention, of mother to child transmission of the HIV, care follow-up and treatment of infected children, at the Q E Hospital, with a significant decline in the prevalence since 2000.
Founding member of the Yute Gum of the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Barbados, and a community intervention for childhood obesity prevention.


Pediatric HIV PMTCT, Pediatric AIDS, Prevention Childhood obesity Barbados

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