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The Faculty of Medical Sciences participates in clinical, non-clinical and translational research to inform medical practice and healthcare systems locally, regionally and internationally.  Research in both clinical and non-clinical aspects of the medical disciplines are structured into faculty, undergraduate and postgraduate research activities.  Faculty members’ research are pursued based on areas of expertise and specific interests aligned with the resources and research themes in the faculty.

Undergraduate research is supported and facilitated by the academic department as a part of the undergraduate curricula in the medical and health science programmes. Postgraduate research is undertaken in research based and taught based graduate programmes. Research based programmes (e.g. Doctorate of Philosophy and Masters programmes) exist in disciplines of Medical Microbiology, Immunology, Pharmacology, Public Health and Epidemiology. Clinical based postgraduate research often involves research projects which are part fulfilment of the Doctor of Medicine programmes.

Non-clinical research may involve the ethno-pharmacological evaluation of medicinal plants and their interaction with conventional drugs, factors adjudicating wound healing, exercise physiology and histological research. Clinical research includes case studies, observational and experimental trials in the clinical setting.  Clinical research is bolstered by access to public clinical facilities in Barbados and a memorandum of understanding between the Ministry of Health, Barbados and The University of the West Indies which facilitates the sharing of resources for the betterment of healthcare provision in Barbados. The Faculty of Medical Sciences also shares a formal relationship with the George Alleyne – Chronic Disease Research Centre (GA-CDRC) which ensures collaboration on research and teaching to build capacity in research and healthcare provision and policy. 
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The FMS has bolstered its resources over the existence of the full faculty (since 2008) to facilitate research at its various geographical sites.  There is a research laboratory at the Cave Hill site, which is approximately 2000 sq ft of generalised and specialised laboratory space.  The laboratory is outfitted with vital core equipment that can lead to bench research in various basic medical science disciplines. Resources in the clinical research arena are bolstered by the FMS access to polyclinics and the island’s main public hospital, Queen Elizabeth Hospital.  There is an institutionalised ethics board which is operated by The University of the West Indies and the Ministry of Health.  It reviews all projects which involves the use of human and animal participants/subjects and data collected from such across the island. The faculty has a research and postgraduate committee which is chaired by the Deputy Dean – Graduate Studies and Research.  This committee assesses research training needs and infrastructure to facilitate faculty, undergraduate and postgraduate research.

The research findings from FMS projects have been presented at regional and international conferences, to expand the knowledge base of Caribbean-based research; to inform local and regional health policies, and has led to many international research collaborations.

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Faculty of Medical Sciences
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